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From Latin octōber ‎(eighth month), from Latin octō ‎(eight). October was the eighth month in the Roman calendar.


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oktobris m (2nd declension)

  1. the month of October (the tenth month of the year)
    oktobra pēdējas dienas — the last days of October
    oktobra sākumā — in early October, in the beginning of October
    oktobra revolūcija — the October revolution
    pirmais oktobrisOctober 1st
    brīžam bija pat lietus... nemīlīgs rudens laiks, kā jau oktobra beigās — sometimes there was even rain... inclement autumn whether, as it was the end of October


Usage notesEdit

The old Latvian names for October, zemliku mēnesis ‎(dead spirits feast month), veļu mēnesis ‎(dead souls month), and rudens mēnesis ‎(autumn month), are no longer in common use.


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