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English edit

Verb edit

out-do (third-person singular simple present out-does, present participle out-doing, simple past out-did, past participle out-done)

  1. Alternative form of outdo.
    • 1698, J[odocus] C[rull], The Antient and Present State of Muscovy, Containing a Geographical, Historical and Political Account of All Those Nations and Territories Under the Jurisdiction of the Present Czar, London: [] A. Roper, []; and A. Bosvile, [], page 162:
      As for their Sleeping, they ſtrive not only to imitate, but alſo to out-do the antient Inhabitants of Capua; for thoſe would not allow their Children any Beds; till they were Married, alledging, that Beds were invented for the Eaſe of Antient and decripid People, not to encourage young Men in their Effœminacy.
    • 1898, John R[oy] Musick, Sustained Honor: A Story of the War of 1812, New York, N.Y.: Funk & Wagnalls Company; London and Toronto, page 188:
      This Englishman should neither out-do him in generosity nor affrontery.
    • 2007, Richard Milward, Apples, Canongate, →ISBN, page 42:
      The Girls were always trying to out-do us, but with the boys around you couldn’t be afraid of a shitty G-reg.