out- +‎ master



outmaster (third-person singular simple present outmasters, present participle outmastering, simple past and past participle outmastered)

  1. To overcome; to win or prevail in a competition.
    • 1835, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The poetical works of S.T. Coleridge - Volume 2, page 81:
      Pleas'd with the guilt, yet envy-stung at heart To stand outmaster'd in his own black art!
    • 1894, Henry Scott Holland, God's City and the Coming of the Kingdom, page 151:
      He would outmaster, outflank, the mystery of iniquity by the mystery of godliness.
    • 2000, Catherine Coulter, Jade Star, →ISBN, page 204:
      Don't try to outmaster the master.
    • 2015, Jenni James, The Little Mermaid: Faerie Tale Collection, →ISBN:
      The great, hulking brute rubbed his jaw and lunged at Keel, but years of the finest royal training only made it easy for the angry merprince to outmaster the human.