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pack on the pounds



pack on the pounds

  1. (colloquial) To gain weight, especially as a result of vigorous or excessive eating.
    • 1936, "Today, these healthy Dionne Quins had Quaker Oats" (advertisement), Windsor Daily Star (Canada), 3 Dec., p. 27 (retrieved 13 Nov 2010):
      For growing youngsters, this marvelous nourishment helps pack on the pounds, adds inches to height.
    • 1969, Dr. George C. Thosteson, "Methods of Controlling Cholesterol," Milwaukee Sentinel, 10 Dec., p. 17 (retrieved 13 Nov 2010):
      One can stick to low cholesterol foods, yet eat such quantities as to pack on the pounds.
    • 2009, Bonnie Rochman, "First Comes Love, Then Comes Obesity?," Time, 6 July:
      Not only are married people more likely to become obese than those who are just dating, but young people who move in with a boyfriend or girlfriend tend to pack on the pounds too.