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From pandeist +‎ -ic.

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pandeistic (comparative more pandeistic, superlative most pandeistic)

  1. Of or relating to pandeism.
    • 2010, Bernardo Kastrup, The Parallels of Pandeism[1]:
      The ontological validity of Pandeistic views aside, I can’t help but find it intellectually intriguing that, under the parallels above, every side of the heated and long-lasting argument around the "hard problem of consciousness" seems to be simultaneously correct.
    • 2005, Dan Schneider, Review of Stranger In A Strange Land (The Uncut Version), by Robert A. Heinlein:
      Jubal... honestly believes in his own free will, which Mike, Jill, and the Fosterites misinterpret as a pandeistic urge, ‘Thou art God!’
    • October 18, 1999, "blueknight", What would you do if you were Jesus Christ, or God?
      Pandeistic by my definition... paganistic by a Christian's...
    • September 15, 1999, Brian R. West, Where is my God.
      -bunch of new age and pandeistic stuff snipped-
    • 1997, Bob Burridge, Theology Proper - Lesson 4: The Decrees of God[2]:
      [C]alling God the author of sin demand[s] a pandeistic understanding of the universe effectively removing the reality of sin and moral law.

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