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A blend of pay +‎ patriot.




  1. (derogatory, rare) A right-wing activist (especially a supporter of the QAnon movement) who supposedly extensively monetises and prioritises wealth over advancement of right-wing causes.
    • 2013 May 15, Stephen Lemons, “Joe Arpaio's Fave Pay-triot John Philip Sousa IV Fires Back, Makes Bank Off Peddling Joe”, in Phoenix New Times[1], archived from the original on 11 March 2019:
      Nothing illegal about any of this to my knowledge. Indeed, this is the very above-board racket of running an independent political committee. Everyone does it. Left, right, center and none of the above. And anyway, why shouldn't a true pay-triot get paid?
    • 2018, Jeanne M. Haskin, ‘When All Roads Lead to the Standoff: How Corporate Governance Fuels White Supremacy[2], Algora Publishing, page 110:
      He has been called out as a supposed “secret government agent,” labeled a parasitic “pay-triot,” and even laughed at for his “botched” suicide attempt (where one commentator suggested that if a Green Beret wanted to kill himself, he would certainly know how to do it).
    • 2018 September 15, Plexipus (username), “‘The famous Q blogger and "paytriot," Neon Revolt, accuses v/GreatAwakening of being compromised in a poorly researched post. Huge drama BOOM on Voat. But could there be more to his story than he realizes?”, in Reddit[3], archived from the original on 15 September 2018:
      Many of them turned to Neon Revolt, one of the most popular Q bloggers and a "paytriot" (i.e. someone who's trying to make a living off of Q Anon). Neon Revolt is widely read and respected among qultists. He directed Redditors to go to Voat's new Q sub, v/TheAwakening, the one started by former Reddit GA admins. This of course angered Voaters, but had nothing on what was going to happen next.