pedal stool

See also: pedal-stool


Alternative formsEdit

Etymology 1Edit

pedal + stool


pedal stool (plural pedal stools)

  1. (music) A stool with vertical foot levers that attach to the pedals of a piano, organ, or similar instrument, thereby assisting children and other players who cannot reach the pedals normally.
    • 1904, Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office CXII:ii, page 1,878
      A pedal-stool having an opening in its rear side to clear the piano-pedals.
    • 1998, David Nicholls, The Whole World of Music, page 22
      The sound-post of this instrument “extended above the ridge of heaven, while the pedal-stool was beneath hell.”

Etymology 2Edit

Mishearing owing to homœophony (compare pedestal: pĕʹdəstəl with pedal stool: pĕʹdəl.sto͞ol).


pedal stool

  1. (nonstandard) malapropism of pedestal.
    • 1993, Rory MacLean, Stalin’s Nose, page 210
      ‘I looked up to him, you know. I put him on a pedal stool.’
    • 1996, Bill Crider, A Dangerous Thing, page 52
      They retire and get put up on a pedal-stool by there fans.
    • 2002, Tribune LXVI, page 45
      “It is unwise for auterists to put auteurs on a pedal stool above nonauteurs.”
    • 2003, Richard Lederer, The Bride of Anguished English, page 129
      The author puts women on a pedal stool.
    • 2006, Thomas E. Sliwinski, The House of Thomas III, page 5
      Leah, holding high to her own personal beliefs took a path that would soon put her on a pedal stool upon other Christians.
    • 2007, Mamet, Hush Ma, page 103
      “You know it’s against the rules to date the judge Juliet, our rivals will put you on a pedal stool”.
    • 2008, Debbie Graham, The Mutts Nuts, page 140
      He was still not one hundred percent certain that she would carry out any further threats and Luke would bounce back and return to her good books and his place on her pedal stool.
    • 2009, Clarence Bowser (AKA Tutu), Four Steps to Making a Perfect Relationship, But There’s Always One Thing Missing, chapter 13: “Turning Darkness into Rage!”
      I put all my emotions on my shoulders and took the pain and places it at on a pedal stool like it was a gift from God!
    • 2010, Candice Payne-Dennie, Pretty, Never Saved Me No Pain, page 218
      “My father was always good to my Mother. He put her on a pedal stool and never brought her down.”