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  1. (intransitive) to vomit after taking an emetic


Tone class L
Infinitive ukuphalaza
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular phalaza phalaze
Plural phalazani phalazeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyaphalaza, ngiphalaza ngiphalaza ngiphalaze
2nd singular uyaphalaza, uphalaza uphalaza uphalaze
1st plural siyaphalaza, siphalaza siphalaza siphalaze
2nd plural niyaphalaza, niphalaza niphalaza niphalaze
Class 1 uyaphalaza, uphalaza ephalaza aphalaze
Class 2 bayaphalaza, baphalaza bephalaza baphalaze
Class 3 uyaphalaza, uphalaza uphalaza uphalaze
Class 4 iyaphalaza, iphalaza iphalaza iphalaze
Class 5 liyaphalaza, liphalaza liphalaza liphalaze
Class 6 ayaphalaza, aphalaza ephalaza aphalaze
Class 7 siyaphalaza, siphalaza siphalaza siphalaze
Class 8 ziyaphalaza, ziphalaza ziphalaza ziphalaze
Class 9 iyaphalaza, iphalaza iphalaza iphalaze
Class 10 ziyaphalaza, ziphalaza ziphalaza ziphalaze
Class 11 luyaphalaza, luphalaza luphalaza luphalaze
Class 14 buyaphalaza, buphalaza buphalaza buphalaze
Class 15 kuyaphalaza, kuphalaza kuphalaza kuphalaze
Class 17 kuyaphalaza, kuphalaza kuphalaza kuphalaze
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngiphalazile, ngiphalazē bengiphalaza
2nd singular uphalazile, uphalazē ubephalaza
1st plural siphalazile, siphalazē sibephalaza
2nd plural niphalazile, niphalazē nibephalaza
Class 1 uphalazile, uphalazē ubephalaza
Class 2 baphalazile, baphalazē bebephalaza
Class 3 uphalazile, uphalazē bewuphalaza
Class 4 iphalazile, iphalazē beyiphalaza
Class 5 liphalazile, liphalazē beliphalaza
Class 6 aphalazile, aphalazē abephalaza
Class 7 siphalazile, siphalazē besiphalaza
Class 8 ziphalazile, ziphalazē beziphalaza
Class 9 iphalazile, iphalazē beyiphalaza
Class 10 ziphalazile, ziphalazē beziphalaza
Class 11 luphalazile, luphalazē beluphalaza
Class 14 buphalazile, buphalazē bebuphalaza
Class 15 kuphalazile, kuphalazē bekuphalaza
Class 17 kuphalazile, kuphalazē bekuphalaza
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngāphalaza ngangiphalaza
2nd singular wāphalaza wawuphalaza
1st plural sāphalaza sasiphalaza
2nd plural nāphalaza naniphalaza
Class 1 wāphalaza wayephalaza
Class 2 bāphalaza babephalaza
Class 3 wāphalaza wawuphalaza
Class 4 yāphalaza yayiphalaza
Class 5 lāphalaza laliphalaza
Class 6 āphalaza ayephalaza
Class 7 sāphalaza sasiphalaza
Class 8 zāphalaza zaziphalaza
Class 9 yāphalaza yayiphalaza
Class 10 zāphalaza zaziphalaza
Class 11 lwāphalaza lwaluphalaza
Class 14 bāphalaza babuphalaza
Class 15 kwāphalaza kwakuphalaza
Class 17 kwāphalaza kwakuphalaza
1st singular ngizophalaza
2nd singular uzophalaza
1st plural sizophalaza
2nd plural nizophalaza
Class 1 uzophalaza
Class 2 bazophalaza
Class 3 uzophalaza
Class 4 izophalaza
Class 5 lizophalaza
Class 6 azophalaza
Class 7 sizophalaza
Class 8 zizophalaza
Class 9 izophalaza
Class 10 zizophalaza
Class 11 luzophalaza
Class 14 buzophalaza
Class 15 kuzophalaza
Class 17 kuzophalaza