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  1. (intransitive) to be well, to be healthy
  2. (intransitive) to live, to be alive


Tone L
Infinitive ukuphila
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular phila phile
Plural philani phileni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyaphila, ngiphila ngiphila ngiphile
2nd singular uyaphila, uphila uphila uphile
1st plural siyaphila, siphila siphila siphile
2nd plural niyaphila, niphila niphila niphile
Class 1 uyaphila, uphila ephila aphile
Class 2 bayaphila, baphila bephila baphile
Class 3 uyaphila, uphila uphila uphile
Class 4 iyaphila, iphila iphila iphile
Class 5 liyaphila, liphila liphila liphile
Class 6 ayaphila, aphila ephila aphile
Class 7 siyaphila, siphila siphila siphile
Class 8 ziyaphila, ziphila ziphila ziphile
Class 9 iyaphila, iphila iphila iphile
Class 10 ziyaphila, ziphila ziphila ziphile
Class 11 luyaphila, luphila luphila luphile
Class 14 buyaphila, buphila buphila buphile
Class 15 kuyaphila, kuphila kuphila kuphile
Class 17 kuyaphila, kuphila kuphila kuphile
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngiphilile, ngiphilē bengiphila
2nd singular uphilile, uphilē ubephila
1st plural siphilile, siphilē sibephila
2nd plural niphilile, niphilē nibephila
Class 1 uphilile, uphilē ubephila
Class 2 baphilile, baphilē bebephila
Class 3 uphilile, uphilē bewuphila
Class 4 iphilile, iphilē beyiphila
Class 5 liphilile, liphilē beliphila
Class 6 aphilile, aphilē abephila
Class 7 siphilile, siphilē besiphila
Class 8 ziphilile, ziphilē beziphila
Class 9 iphilile, iphilē beyiphila
Class 10 ziphilile, ziphilē beziphila
Class 11 luphilile, luphilē beluphila
Class 14 buphilile, buphilē bebuphila
Class 15 kuphilile, kuphilē bekuphila
Class 17 kuphilile, kuphilē bekuphila
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngāphila ngangiphila
2nd singular wāphila wawuphila
1st plural sāphila sasiphila
2nd plural nāphila naniphila
Class 1 wāphila wayephila
Class 2 bāphila babephila
Class 3 wāphila wawuphila
Class 4 yāphila yayiphila
Class 5 lāphila laliphila
Class 6 āphila ayephila
Class 7 sāphila sasiphila
Class 8 zāphila zaziphila
Class 9 yāphila yayiphila
Class 10 zāphila zaziphila
Class 11 lwāphila lwaluphila
Class 14 bāphila babuphila
Class 15 kwāphila kwakuphila
Class 17 kwāphila kwakuphila
1st singular ngizophila
2nd singular uzophila
1st plural sizophila
2nd plural nizophila
Class 1 uzophila
Class 2 bazophila
Class 3 uzophila
Class 4 izophila
Class 5 lizophila
Class 6 azophila
Class 7 sizophila
Class 8 zizophila
Class 9 izophila
Class 10 zizophila
Class 11 luzophila
Class 14 buzophila
Class 15 kuzophila
Class 17 kuzophila

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