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Alternative formsEdit


pimp-slap (plural pimp-slaps)

  1. Alternative spelling of pimp slap
    • 1998, Ron Nixon, "Farrakhan, the Hip-Hop Generation, and the Failure of Black American Leadership", in Amy Alexander (ed.), The Farrakhan Factor: African-American Writers on Leadership, Nationhood, and Minister Louis Farrakhan, Grove Press, ISBN 0-8021-3597-8, page 190,
      Although Jesse Jackson and several other Civil Rights Era leaders criticized Clinton for the remarks, they nevertheless endorsed him for president. Many politically-aware young black people saw that as a pimp-slap in the face.
    • 1999, Dan Kelly, "Birchismo", in The Baffler 13, reprinted in Thomas Frank and David Mulcahey (eds.), Boob Jubilee: The Cultural Politics of the New Economy, W. W. Norton & Company (2003), ISBN 0-393-32430-3, page 356,
      [] a generation for whom the landmark events of Sixties were an unpleasant series of pimp-slaps.
    • 2002, Jai Anthony-Lewis Husband, Behold..., iUniverse, ISBN 0595259049, page 118,
      [] I spent hours preparing and I still got slammed—” ¶ “Yeah, it was like an opened-handed pimp-slap!”
    • 2004, Rita Rashad, Love At Half-court: It May Be The Same Game, But It’s No Ordinary Love!, iUniverse, ISBN 0595316093, pages 27–28,
      Then the next thing I knew, my Mom whipped around and gave Kellie one of those backhanded pimp-slaps across the face.


pimp-slap (third-person singular simple present pimp-slaps, present participle pimp-slapping, simple past and past participle pimp-slapped)

  1. (slang, vulgar, transitive) To slap powerfully in the face; to deliver a pimp slap to.
    • 1994, Jervey Tervalon, Understand This, Morrow, ISBN 068804560X, page 71,
      Come over here like you think you gonna pimp-slap me because you driving your brother’s Benz.
    • 1997, Belle Waring, "Eleventh Day of Rain", in Dark Blonde Poems, Sarabande Books, ISBN 1-889330-08-6, page 58,
      This is the eleventh day of rain in a row / when the wind off the river pimp-slaps us university whores / heading to class.
    • 2004 December 29, Neil Prakash, "9 November(D+1): Fire for Effect", in Matthew Currier Burden, The Blog of War: front-line dispatches from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, Simon and Schuster (2006), ISBN 0743294181, page 182,
      When that round hit the building, it looked like God himself came down and pimp-slapped him off the building. He just flew sideways like he was catapulted into orbit.
    • 2006, O.G. Wise, Queen Bee, Cook City Publishing Inc., ISBN 0977413705, page 142,
      Renny got up and pimp-slapped the taste outta his mouth!
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