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From Old Tupi [Term?].


pitanga (plural pitangas)

  1. A Surinam cherry (a Eugenia uniflora tree or its fruit).
    • 1905, Natal Agriculture Journal, page 445:
      The first maggots were found in pitangas (Brazilian cherries) on the third day after our arrival, but the quantity was of no value, and it was impossible to say whether they were parisitized. By the sixth day (February the 2nd) one pitanga and two pitomba trees were discovered at Cabulla laden with maggoty fruit. The pitomba trees were, I subsequently discovered, practically the only two in the district. Pitangas are, however, common, and the trees abound everywhere; [...]
    • 1960, Ann M. Perry, Dooryard Supermarket in the Tropics & Subtropics: Its Development and Instructions for Fabrication and Use of Its Products:
      Immature pitangas have a disagreeable resinous taste. [] The Surinam cherry is essentially a dessert fruit. The fresh fruits are eaten out of hand or made into jellies, jams, sherbert, sauce and beverages.


Pitangas no galho.


From Old Tupi ybapytanga, compound of ybá (fruit) and pytanga (coloured light red or brown)



pitanga f (plural pitangas)

  1. Surinam cherry (fruit of the Eugenia uniflora tree)

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