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From pong +‎ -y.



pongy (comparative pongier, superlative pongiest)

  1. (Britain, Australia, New Zealand, informal) Having a bad smell.
    • 2001, Ken Campbell, Home, in John O′Connor, Scripts and Sketches, Heinemann Educational, UK, page 79,
      Look, they′ve even put a pair of old pongy socks exactly like mine in the corner by the door, exactly like I bunged them last Sunday. Mind you, they are a bit pongier than I remembered. But mind you, they would get pongier over the week.
    • 2005, James Duncan, Sweets That Eat Children!, page 2,
      Moments later, a small, sobbing figure would emerge—dirty as a rat and smelling pongier than the rottenest egg.
    • 2010, Lonely Planet staff, The Europe Book: A Journey Through Every Country on the Continent, page 57,
      In France, Époisses is known as the pongiest of its 500-odd cheeses; in the UK 19 humans and an electronic nose voted Vieux-Boulogne the world's smelliest cheese.