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populus (people) +‎ -āris



populāris (neuter populāre); third declension

  1. popular (by, of or for the people)


Third declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
Nominative populāris populāre populārēs populāria
Genitive populāris populāris populārium populārium
Dative populārī populārī populāribus populāribus
Accusative populārem populāre populārēs, populārīs populāria
Ablative populārī populārī populāribus populāribus
Vocative populāris populāre populārēs populāria



populāris n (genitive populāris); third declension

  1. compatriot, comrade


Third declension neuter.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative populāris populāra
Genitive populāris populārum
Dative populārī populāribus
Accusative populāris populāra
Ablative populāre populāribus
Vocative populāris populāra

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    • (ambiguous) to accommodate something to the standard of the popular intelligence: ad intellegentiam communem or popularem accommodare aliquid
    • (ambiguous) popular favour; popularity: aura favoris popularis (Liv. 22. 26)
    • (ambiguous) popular favour; popularity: populi favor, gratia popularis
    • (ambiguous) popular favour; popularity: aura popularis (Harusp. 18. 43)
    • (ambiguous) to court popularity: auram popularem captare (Liv. 3. 33)
    • (ambiguous) a popular man: aurae popularis homo (Liv. 42. 30)
    • (ambiguous) to strive to gain popular favour by certain means: ventum popularem quendam (in aliqua re) quaerere
    • (ambiguous) unpopularity: offensio populi, popularis
    • (ambiguous) to use some one's unpopularity as a means of making oneself popular: ex invidia alicuius auram popularem petere (Liv. 22. 26)
    • (ambiguous) a democrat: homo popularis
    • (ambiguous) a man who genuinely wishes the people's good: homo vere popularis (Catil. 4. 5. 9)
    • (ambiguous) a democratic leader: homo florens in populari ratione
    • (ambiguous) democracy: imperium populi or populare, civitas or res publica popularis
    • (ambiguous) to take up the cause of the people, democratic principles: causam popularem suscipere or defendere
    • (ambiguous) popular agitation: iactatio, concitatio popularis
    • (ambiguous) tricks of a demagogue: artes populares
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