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From the prefix prae- and the root found in salio 'to jump'.



praesul m (genitive praesulis); third declension

  1. public dancer who dances in leaps
  2. the leader of the Salii (Ancient Roman priests of Mars)
    • 4th century, Historia Augusta
      Octavo aetatis anno in Saliorum collegium rettulit. [...] Fuit in eo sacerdotio et praesul et vates et magister, et multos inauguravit et exauguravit nemine praeeunte, quod ipse carmina cuncta didicisset. - When he [Marcus Aurelius] was eight years old, he [Hadrian] enrolled him in the college of the Salii. [...] In that priesthood, he was leader and seer and master, admitting and expelling many men, without anybody dictating the songs to him as he had learned them all.
  3. (post-classical) director, president
  4. (post-classical) patron, protector
    • 4th century, perhaps St. Ambrose
      Te lucis ante terminum / rerum creator poscimus / ut solita clementia / sis praesul ad custodiam - Before the end of the light, we beseech Thee, creator of things, that by thy accustomed mercy thou wouldst be [our] protector unto safekeeping
  5. (Medieval Latin) bishop
    • 11th-13th centuries, anonymous, Carmina Burana
      Bibit puer, bibit canus / bibit praesul et decanus - Children drink, the grey-haired drink / Bishops drink and so do deacons


Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative praesul praesulēs
Genitive praesulis praesulum
Dative praesulī praesulibus
Accusative praesulem praesulēs
Ablative praesule praesulibus
Vocative praesul praesulēs