proto- +‎ -onym


protonym (plural protonyms)

  1. (zoology, taxonomy) The first legitimate name of a taxon, on which the currently accepted name is based.
    • 1968, Mien A. Rifai, The Australasian Pezizales in the Herbarium of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew:
      The protonym of Macroscyphus appears to be Nees von Esenbeck's (1817) [genus] Peziza ...
    • 2005, Bertram Ludäscher; Louiqa Raschid, Data integration in the life sciences:
      Protonyms form the name for later revised opinions on a taxon concept as implicitly or explicitly circumscribed in a subsequent publication...
  2. (prescriptive, uncommon) The first/original entity after which another entity is named without the entities being related. If the entities are related, then the original entity is the eponym of the subsequent entities.

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