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pull time (third-person singular simple present pulls time, present participle pulling time, simple past and past participle pulled time)

  1. To be sentenced to a term in prison.
    • 1965, Tom Wolfe, The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby, page 145:
      "I don't want to pull any more time," Junior tells me, "but I wouldn't take anything in the world for the experience I ad in prison."
    • 1967, Malcolm Brady, On the Yard, page 42:
      I've talked to men who have pulled time all over the country and they say it's the same everywhere.
    • 1998, Dana Stabenow, Fire and Ice, page 83:
      They probably told you you wouldn't pull time, you weren't old enough yet.
    • 2001, Nancy Bartholomew, Strip Poker, →ISBN, page 780:
      It was self-defense after all; Moose wouldn't pull time or even go to trial.


pull time (countable and uncountable, plural pull times)

  1. The amount of time spent pulling.
    • 1972, Yessis Review of Soviet Physical Education and Sports:
      It is clear that the re-doing of the phasic structure of the cycle, according to an increase in pull time, occurs not only in the process of learning but also during improvement of motor skill.
    • 2001, WIAPP: The Second IEEE Workshop on Internet Applications, →ISBN:
      The effect on performance is large at first for small increases in the pull time.
    • 2002, Howard Brody, ‎Rodney Cross, ‎& Crawford Lindsey, The Physics and Technology of Tennis, page 307:
      In principle, you could create a chart that describes the final tensions arrived at by using different combinations of tension and pull time.
  2. The time when something should pull.
    • 2003, Agri-naturalist - Volumes 109-113, page 62:
      Pitts said his whole family lends a hand when pull time comes around, including his grandson, Joe Buchs, a senior in agricultural construction systems management (ACSM).
    • 2004, Mario A. Nascimento, Proceedings of the Thirtieth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, →ISBN, page 197:
      On processing a pull request, the latest estimates of μi and σi are returned with the object values to the proxy (see Figure 2), which will use them to calculate expected object value and decide the next pull time.
  3. (trucking) The time when trucks pull in for loading and pull out with new loads.
    • 1960, Black & Veatch, Incineration, page 139:
      Each truck would have a set "pull" time when it would leave for the disposal site and be replaced by an empty truck.
    • 1996, Barbara V. Anderson, The Art and Science of Computer Assisted Ordering, →ISBN:
      Some suppliers have an extended pull time due to poor automation.