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  1. (colloquial, derogatory) bum, hobo, vagabond (homeless person)
  2. bum (person who doesn't do their share or lets others pay their part of a bill etc.)
  3. panhandler (urban beggar)
  4. miss (failure to hit a target)
    Ammuin kolmannella ampumispaikalla kolme pummia ja menetin mahdollisuuteni voittoon.
    I shot three misses on the third shooting round and lost my chances to win.
  5. When used adverbially in adessive singular indicates avoidance of a fee, such as a movie ticket or hotel bill.
    Matkustan usein pummilla raitiovaunussa.
    I often dodge the fare in a tram.
    Söin eilen pummilla ruokalassa.
    I skipped paying yesterday in the canteen.


Inflection of pummi (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative pummi pummit
genitive pummin pummien
partitive pummia pummeja
illative pummiin pummeihin
singular plural
nominative pummi pummit
accusative nom. pummi pummit
gen. pummin
genitive pummin pummien
partitive pummia pummeja
inessive pummissa pummeissa
elative pummista pummeista
illative pummiin pummeihin
adessive pummilla pummeilla
ablative pummilta pummeilta
allative pummille pummeille
essive pummina pummeina
translative pummiksi pummeiksi
instructive pummein
abessive pummitta pummeitta
comitative pummeineen


Derived termsEdit




  1. plural of pummu