Albanian edit

një qena dog

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from Vulgar Latin, from Latin canis (dog).

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

qen m (plural qen, definite qeni, definite plural qentë)

  1. (zoology) dog
    Synonym: zagar
  2. (figurative, derogatory) unfaithful, bad (male) person; man without morals
    Synonym: rrugaç

Declension edit

Derived terms edit

multiword terms

Further reading edit

  • qen”, in FGJSH: Fjalor i gjuhës shqipe [Dictionary of the Albanian language] (in Albanian), 2006
  • Bardhi, F. (1635) Dictionarium Latino Epiroticum (overall work in Latin and Albanian), page 10:canis — chien

Gothic edit

Romanization edit


  1. Romanization of 𐌵𐌴𐌽