quick on the draw



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quick on the draw (comparative quicker on the draw, superlative quickest on the draw)

  1. (idiomatic) Characterized by rapid response, as to a verbal remark or to a new situation; quick to act.
    • 1997 July 28, Warren Hoge, "Where Time Begins, a Millennium Pleasure Dome," New York Times (Retrieved 29 May 2011):
      Quick on the draw with a slogan, Mr. Mandelson said he would create a project deserving cheers, not jeers, and promptly changed the sinister-sounding name of the publicly owned managing company, Millennium Central.
    • 2007 Jan. 24, Ed Slott, "Five Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make," forbes.com (Retrieved 29 May 2011):
      Some advisers and financial institutions are a little too quick on the draw with Individual Retirement Account rollovers.


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