See also: roleplay and role-play



rôle +‎ play


rôleplay (countable and uncountable, plural rôleplays)

  1. Alternative spelling of roleplay
    • 1983: Gérard Deledalle, Semiotics and Pragmatics: Proceedings of the Perpignan Symposium, page 124 (John Benjamin’s Publishing Company; →ISBN, 9789027232908)
      On this basis it becomes clear why Bühler occasionally describes the symbols as rôle-indicating signs (cf. 1934: 381); though they are capable of undertaking a transference from the occurrence of the speech situation, they are unable to do without deictic pointers to produce the rôleplay in language.
    • 1998: “tim_walls”, uk.railway (Google group): Thicky Passengers!, the 19th day of August at 8 o’clock a.m.
      Find a friend and attempt the following rôleplay in order to clarify the dialogue:
      Friend: “I think it is sunny in London.”
      You:  “I think it is sunny in Brighton.”
      Friend: “Well, yes, but not as sunny.”


rôleplay (third-person singular simple present rôleplays, present participle rôleplaying, simple past and past participle rôleplayed)

  1. Alternative spelling of roleplay