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From Old Portuguese razon, from Latin ratiō, ratiōnem. Doublet of ração.



razão f (plural razões)

  1. reason (the ability to think correctly)
    Usar a razão dá resultados melhores do que usar a emoção.
    Using reason yields better results than using emotion.
  2. reason; motive (the cause of an action or determination)
    Qual é a razão dessa briga?
    What is the reason for this fight?
  3. correctness; rightness (the condition of being right)
    Eu acho que vai chover, ele acha que não. Logo veremos quem tem razão.
    I think it’s going to rain, he thinks it won’t. Soon we will see who is right (literally: who has correctness).
  4. (mathematics) ratio (the relative magnitudes of two quantities)
    A razão dos lados desse retângulo é de 5/7.
    The ratio of this rectangle’s sides is 5/7.


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