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See also: refuse and refusé



re- +‎ fuse. The hyphen is to avoid confusion with refuse.


re-fuse (third-person singular simple present re-fuses, present participle re-fusing, simple past and past participle re-fused)

  1. (transitive) To fit with another fuse.
    • 1897, American Electrician: Volume 9
      The plugs are made of porcelain in one piece, and can readily be re-fused, as with these boards it is not necessary to open a circuit switch to re-fuse a circuit []
    • 1953, The Electrical Journal: Volume 150
      It incorporates the same simple re-fusing device as is used in the standard Ediswan Clix BS 1363 Fused Plug, and the adaptor outlet is shuttered.