Borrowed from Russian режи́м (režím), from French régime, from Latin regimen.


rejim (definite accusative rejimn, plural rejimlr)

  1. regime (mode of rule or management)
    1. a form of government, or the government in power, especially an illegitimate one, or one disapproved by the speaker
      Bəşər Əsəd rejimithe regime of Bashar Assad
      İran fars rejimiIran's Persian-dominated government
      işğalçı rejimoccupation regime
  2. daily routine (especially concerning sleeping times and alike)
  3. regimen (any regulation or remedy which is intended to produce beneficial effects by gradual operation)
  4. mode (a particular state of being, or frame of mind, especially one under operation under exceptional conditions)
    karantin rejimistate of quarantine
    qənaət rejimiausterity (literally, “saving mode”)
    1. (computing) mode (state of the system associated with certain behaviours)
      təhlükəsizlik rejimisafety mode


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