re- +‎ refine

Alternative formsEdit



rerefine (third-person singular simple present rerefines, present participle rerefining, simple past and past participle rerefined)

  1. To refine again.
    • 1922, United States. Congress. House. Agriculture Committee, Ward Sugar Resolution:
      No, sir; I am referring to the sugar which we had to rerefine after the market broke, as I explained this morning.
    • 1994, Takashi Korenaga, Hiroshi Tsukube, Sumio Shinoda, Hazardous Waste Control in Research and Education, →ISBN, page 136:
      When working with an oil recycler, ask the person collecting the used oil how it will be recycled. If presented the choice, it is preferable to dispose of oil through companies that will rerefine the oil instead of companies that burn the oil for fuel.
    • 2017, Gary Best, Harold Laski and American Liberalism, →ISBN, page 128:
      He states and restates, formulates and reformulates, refines and rerefines.