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ride the short bus



ride the short bus

  1. (US, education, slang) To participate in a special education program, such as for those with learning disabilities.
  2. (US, pejorative) To have a need for a special education program, as though one were learning disabled.
    • 2006, Mark Driscoll, Confessions of a Reformission Rev
      ...complete with golden shag carpet on the floor and Christian rock posters on the wall for the poor kids forced to ride the short bus of Christian culture...
    • 2009, Micol Ostow, GoldenGirl
      "Have you been riding the short bus, or something? You know what Us Weekly said about her."
    • 2011, Anthony Q. Artis, The Shut Up and Shoot: Freelance Video Guide:
      Admittedly, I'm no Rhodes Scholar, but I didn't ride the short bus to school either, []
    • 2014, T. E. Woods, The Red Hot Fix: A Justice Novel:
      “You think because I make my living putting balls through hoops, I rode the short bus to school?”
    • 2014, Greg Figueroa, ‎Emily Feliciano, Worst Dates: best of the rest, page 4:
      I accidentally called him Chris, and he turned red and yelled, "My name is Christopher"
      Okay, now I was thinking he rode the short bus. As quick as he erupted, he relaxed and told me how much he loves his nanna and his kitty, Buttons. I ended the date early and said goodnight and went home.
    • 2016 October 21, “Flynn, Burgerhoff square off in 113th district debate”, in Scranton Times-Tribune:
      Is there any place on earth that has as many elected officials who rode the short bus to school as Lackawanna County?