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From French rouleau


rouleau (plural rouleaus or rouleaux)

  1. A little roll; a roll of coins put up in paper, or something resembling such a roll.
    • 1859, Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities:
      Early in the morning, the rouleau of gold was left at my door in a little box, with my name on the outside.
    • 1863, Sheridan Le Fanu, The House by the Churchyard:
      [] he liked your philosophy, and hopes you'll accept of this, which from its weight I take to be a little rouleau of guineas.
  2. (textiles) A decorative technique that involves creating patterns with piping, cording or bias tape. A rouleau loop uses the same cord or piping as a way of fastening buttons, most notably down the back of bridal gowns.
    rouleau turner
    rouleau loop
  3. (medicine, chiefly in the plural) A stack of aggregated red blood cells, as seen in certain haematological and other diseases.
  4. (fortification) One of a bundle of fascines to cover besiegers.



rouler +‎ -eau


  • IPA(key): /ʁu.lo/
  • (file)


rouleau m (plural rouleaux)

  1. roll, roller

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