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English edit

Etymology edit

From Middle English roy, roye, borrowed from Old French roi (king). Doublet of rajah, Rex, rex, and rich.

Noun edit

roy (plural roys)

  1. (obsolete, formal) A king.

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Adjective edit


  1. (obsolete) Royal.

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Anagrams edit

French edit

Noun edit

roy m (plural roys)

  1. (pre-1800) Obsolete spelling of roi

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Middle French edit

Etymology edit

From Old French roi, from earlier rei, from Latin rēgem.

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

roy m (plural roys)

  1. king (male ruler)

Descendants edit

  • French: roi, roy (obsolete)
    • Antillean Creole: wa
    • Guianese Creole: rwè
    • Haitian Creole: wa
      • (perhaps) Haitian Creole: lwa
        • English: loa
    • Karipúna Creole French: hué
    • Louisiana Creole: rwa
    • Seychellois Creole: lerwa

Old French edit

Noun edit

roy oblique singularm (oblique plural roys, nominative singular roys, nominative plural roy)

  1. Alternative form of roi