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salipenter (plural salipenters)

  1. (Guyana) A tegu lizard (Tupinambis).
    • 1999, David Dabydeen, A harlot's progress, page 5:
      I could sting you for a bounty of reparations, but keep your money and let me talk like dis and dat, let me say I come from the tribe of Bongo- Bongo; that I am germane and first-cousin to jungle beasts like anthropophagi, hermaphrodites, salipenters and all the other creatures dreamt of by your writers or discovered by your travellers.
    • 2004, Deloris Craig, Labba and Creek Water Stories from the Caribbean, page 118:
      Along its bank a salipenter, the colour of the mud, sped furtively, its eyes on some domestic fowls picking at the verge of the mud hole.
    • 2012 January 22, “Iguana”, in Stabroek News[1]:
      Their eggs and meat are food resources for predators such as salipenter (Tegu lizard), hawks, vultures, and humans.
    • 2015, Rohan Singh, Adventures of Suliman and the Sandopie:
      Slowly, he peeped from behind his hiding place just in time to see a black-and-white furry object dash behind a salipenter.
    • 2016 August 11, Neil Primus, “Goings and Comings”, in Guyana Chronicle[2]:
      Fruits and a ‘salipenter (large lizard)’ were what he used to help with his hunger.