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Word of the day for May 3
legman n
  1. (originally US) A person hired to carrying out errands or (often) menial tasks, frequently requiring travel from place to place; an errand boy or errand girl, a runner.
  2. (originally US, journalism) A reporter who frequently travels to conduct research, interview witnesses, etc.

  Today is World Press Freedom Day, which is recognized by the United Nations to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and remind governments of their duty to respect and uphold the right to freedom of expression.

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Word of the day for May 20
wheelhouse n
  1. A building or other structure containing a (large) wheel, such as the water wheel of a mill.
    1. (automotive) The partially enclosed structure above and around a wheel of an automobile, typically partly formed by a portion of a fender panel that has been extended outward beyond the plane of the rest of the panel.
    2. (nautical) An enclosed compartment on the deck of a vessel such as a fishing boat, originally housing its helm or steering wheel, from which it may be navigated; on a larger vessel it is the bridge.
    3. (nautical) The enclosed structure around the paddlewheel of a steamboat.
  2. (archaeology) A prehistoric structure from the Iron Age found in Scotland, characteristically including an outer wall within which a circle of stone piers (resembling the spokes of a wheel) form the basis for lintel arches supporting corbelled roofing with a hearth at the hub.
  3. (Canada, US, baseball, by extension from sense 1.2) A pitch location which is favourable to the hitter.
  4. (Canada, US, figuratively) A person's area of authority or expertise.

  Today is European Maritime Day, which seeks to raise European citizens’ awareness of the seas and their importance.

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