salted (not comparable)

  1. To which salt has been added.
    salted peanuts
    • 1999 April 6, Pat Kiewicz, rec.gardens.edible, Usenet[1]:
      Dave, if you are eating enough salted nuts for the salt in the nuts to make a difference in the compost pile, you would be better off worrying about what all those nuts are doing to *you* because that would be a *whole lotta nuts*!
  2. (South Africa, archaic) Of an animal, vaccinated against or having recovered from a disease.
    • 1901 May 10, H. Watkins-Pitchford, “Horse-sickness Investigations”, in The Agricultural Journal and Mining Record[2], volume 4, number 5, page 131:
      It is possible, again, that cases which have recovered from the disease (so-called salted animals), may assume the role of host, and furnish infective material for the propogation of the disease.




  1. simple past tense and past participle of salt