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English edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

From same-sex +‎ -er.

Noun edit

same-sexer (plural same-sexers)

  1. One who is attracted to, or engages sexually with, members of the same sex; a homosexual
    • 2009, Gore Vidal, Jay Parini, The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal - Page 346:
      Also, a point that would really distress her, a teacher known to be a same-sexer would be a splendid role model for those same-sexers that he—or she—is teaching.
    • 2013, Joel Derfner, Lawfully Wedded Husband:
      I think that marriage equality will benefit the entire same-sexer community, not because of what it will allow married same-sexers to do but because of what it will allow — perhaps force — straight people to perceive.