From Latin sapiens (wise, judicious) + sexuality. Purportedly coined in 1998.[1]


sapiosexuality (uncountable)

  1. The state of being sexually attracted to intelligence or the human mind.
    • 2008, Mohua Das & Malini Banerjee, "Virtual Vanities", The Telegraph (Calcutta), 17 August 2008:
      So a self-confessed culture vulture is a member of communities on authors, sudoku, films, chocolates and sapiosexuality (sapiosexuals are people who are apparently turned on by intelligence).
    • 2012, Carolina Montejo, "Sapiosexuality: The intelligent foreplay", Vangardist, May 2012, page 129:
      I went to friend and psychologist Alejandro Spicker — who's both attractive and smart — and asked him what he thought of sapiosexuality.
    • 2013, Sunayana Suresh, "Are women attracted to the sapiosexual men?", The Times of India, 28 May 2013:
      Sapiosexuality is getting aroused not by the physical appearance of a person, but through his or her intelligence.


  1. ^ Torin/Darren Whoever (2002-03-15), “Stoked on sapiosexuality”, in Trusting in the madness of strangers.[1]