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Etymology 1Edit

scum +‎ -ing.


scumming (plural scummings)

  1. (printing) The accumulation of sticky ink on a plate.
  2. (chiefly in the plural) That which is scummed off; skimmings; scum.

Etymology 2Edit

Probably from skimming, modified by the derogatory sense of scum.


scumming (uncountable)

  1. (video games, derogatory) The strategy of collecting easy rewards in unchallenging areas, e.g. when a high-level character visits levels suitable for low-level characters in roguelike games.
  2. (video games, derogatory) The act of restoring a game's save file for the purpose of continuing play with a better outcome than was obtained the first time.
Derived termsEdit
  • auto-scumming
Related termsEdit