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segurar (to hold; to secure) +‎ -ança



segurança f (plural seguranças)

  1. security; safety (condition of not being threatened)
    Estas grades de ferro estão aqui para nossa segurança.
    These iron bars are here for our safety.
  2. (by extension) any object related to the safety of something or some place
    1. (military) a set of devices designed to help avoid surprise attacks
  3. certainity; trust
    Falou com segurança.He spoke with certainity.
  4. (rare) the act of holding or sustaining
  5. (zoology) the pregnancy of quadrupedals


segurança m, f (plural seguranças)

  1. watch; guard; doorman (person hired to ensure security or protecting an individual, group or place)
    Há muitos seguranças neste estabelecimento.
    There are many guards in this building.