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send-off (plural send-offs)

  1. (sports) A penalty for a serious infraction of the rules in which the player is ordered to leave for the rest of the game; red card
    • 2009, Mathew Brown, ‎Patrick Guthrie, ‎& Greg Growden, Rugby For Dummies, →ISBN, page 333:
      A send-off occurs when a player commits a serious violation and is ordered by the referee to leave the field for the rest of the game.
    • 2009, Shireen Lolesi, Wives and Girlfriends, →ISBN, page 12:
      Some of the players tried to heavy or sweet-talk the referee into reversing his decision, even as the threat of a send-off loomed.
    • 2011, Sean Fagan & ‎Dally Messenger III, The Master, →ISBN:
      Dally had a running battle with the referee, who accused him of kneeing an opponent — though, given a punch was enough to earn a send-off, perhaps the official was unsure of what he saw as Dally was not asked to leave the field.
  2. Alternative form of sendoff
    • 1988, Charles Rey, ‎Neil Parsons, ‎& Michael Crowder, Monarch of All I Survey: Bechuanaland Diaries, 1929-1937, →ISBN, page 180:
      A great send-off at the station for Stanley.
    • 2000, Chris Kiana, Alaska Crying Baby, →ISBN:
      The medicine man gave the faithful animal a proper send-off into its next spiritual world.
    • 2011, Philippe Besson, In The Absence Of Men, →ISBN:
      You say: you should have seen it, you should have seen the send-off, the cheering crowds following us to the train, everyone joyful, clapping and shouting, cheering us on, it was like a festival to the triumphant sound of the Marseillaise.
    • 2012, Binoo K. John, The Last Song Of Savio De Souza, →ISBN:
      In that coast of send-offs and farewells, how did one more send-off matter?
    • 2014, Mark Robertson, Off Key, →ISBN, page 314:
      Now that he had given her the cheque from Sir John they could be a little more relaxed about giving Harry the send-off he merited.