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From Latin senēscere (to grow old).



senescence (usually uncountable, plural senescences)

  1. (biology) The state or process of ageing, especially in humans; old age.
  2. (cell biology) Ceasing to divide by mitosis because of shortening of telomeres or excessive DNA damage.
    • 2018, University of Edinburgh, "Liver Study Offers Insights into Hard-to-treat Diseases" (9 March 2018), Drug Discovery & Development.
      Tests in mice found that inducing senescence in bile duct cells - mimicking the process seen in human bile duct disease - led to liver scarring and damage of liver function.
  3. (gerontology) Old age; accumulated damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs with the passage of time.
  4. (botany) Fruit senescence, leading to ripening of fruit.
  5. (cytology, of a cell) Condition when the cell ceases to divide.

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