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Blend of sex +‎ exile.


sexile (third-person singular simple present sexiles, present participle sexiling, simple past and past participle sexiled)

  1. (slang) To banish somebody, usually one's roommate, from the room for the privacy to have sex.
    • 2000, Harvard Lampoon, The Harvard Lampoon's guide to college admissions: the comprehensive, authoritative, and utterly useless source for where to go and how to get in, Warner Books, →ISBN, page 123:
      As a happening dude or lady with a happening roommate, you should be prepared to get "sexiled" from your bedroom while someone gets intimate.
    • a2004, unnamed college student, Heather Alexander, quoted in Sharing Spaces: Tips and Strategies on Being a Good College Roommate, Surviving a Bad One, and Dealing with Everything in Between, Simon and Schuster (2004), →ISBN, page 137:
      We promised to never "sexile" each other (kick your roommate out of the room for the purposes of hooking up).
    • 2006, Teresa Botial Richardson, Am I Black Or Right, AuthorHouse, →ISBN, page 11:
      I guess I was being sexiled all three times and didn't realize it.