English edit

Etymology edit

From shade +‎ -en.

Verb edit

shaden (third-person singular simple present shadens, present participle shadening, simple past and past participle shadened)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To make or become shaded or shady.
    • 1958, Robert Gathorne-Hardy, The Tranquil Gardener, page 116:
      But I'd obviously put the plant in the wrong place. It shadened and dampened some delicate things in the scree; of total losses, it accounted for a just-established plant of the large-flowered Dianthus alpinus and one Erinus.
    • 2013, Delphi Complete Works of The Bronte Sisters:
      Her white stockinged and black sandalped][sic] feet moved the very picture of quiet Elegance and now and then her white Eylids drooped over the table would lift their dark lashes to the window with an expectant look though to see the shadening prospect she had often to put back the raven curls that would when downward bending escape from their Lacy confinement After such a parade of description my Readers may.

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