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Alternative formsEdit


From Middle English shode, schode, from Old English *(ġe)scād, ġescēad (separation, distinction, discretion, understanding, argument, reason, reckoning, account, statement, accuracy, art, manner, method), from Proto-Germanic *skaidą (separation, distinction), from Proto-Indo-European *skÁit-, *skÁi- (to cut, divide, separate). Related to Old English scādan (to separate, divide, part, make a line of separation between). More at shed.


shoad (plural shoads)

  1. Separation; distinction.
  2. A chasm or ravine.
  3. A line of parting of the hair of the head; a part (in the hair); the top of the head.
  4. (mining) Loose fragments (often of metal ore) mixed with earth.


shoad (third-person singular simple present shoads, present participle shoading, simple past and past participle shoaded)

  1. (mining) To seek for a vein or mineral deposit by following a shode, or tracing them to whence they derived.