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Probably from Baltic *sḗjlā (compare Lithuanian siela), along with other Finnish loanwords from Baltic languages of the same thematic group, see etymology sections of e.g.taivas (heaven), Jumala (God). Another line of explanation links the word with a Germanic language (compare Swedish själ, German Seele and English soul).



  1. soul
  2. moving spirit (one who provides significant impetus or guidance in a given venture, movement, enterprise etc.)


Inflection of sielu (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative sielu sielut
genitive sielun sielujen
partitive sielua sieluja
illative sieluun sieluihin
singular plural
nominative sielu sielut
accusative nom. sielu sielut
gen. sielun
genitive sielun sielujen
partitive sielua sieluja
inessive sielussa sieluissa
elative sielusta sieluista
illative sieluun sieluihin
adessive sielulla sieluilla
ablative sielulta sieluilta
allative sielulle sieluille
essive sieluna sieluina
translative sieluksi sieluiksi
instructive sieluin
abessive sielutta sieluitta
comitative sieluineen


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