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Etymology 1Edit

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  1. (archaic) plural of sister
    • 1570 March 13. Will of David Tyrry Fitz Edmonde:
      My wyfe to have my dwelling house during her widowhood, that is to say, the hall, the parlor, and the small seller: to my sistren Catheryn and Ellen Tyrry their grinding in my myll during their lives, paying noo toll nor multhe money.
    • 2003 April 16 (airdate). Angel (TV series), episode "The Magic Bullet"
      LORNE: Blessings and moon pies, brethren and sistren!
    • 2010 April 26, “The Calm Before the Storms”, in Neo-Neocom[1], retrieved 2012-03-14:
      I see many of the brethren and the sistren are in the same place I was the other night, when Tatyana commented on my gloom.
    • 2011 February 17, Dave Lerner, “I Am Incubator”, in Huffington Post[2], retrieved 2012-03-14:
      Among my brethren and sistren in incubation I count the folks working at places like idealab, betaworks, alleycorp, as well as certain current and former university venture lab specialists I hold in high esteem.
Usage notesEdit
  • This form died out around the sixteenth century. Since then, it has been most often used jocularly together with brethren, as in “brethren and sistren”.

Etymology 2Edit

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sistren (plural sistrens)

  1. (Rastafari) A close female friend, family member, or comrade.
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Middle EnglishEdit



  1. Alternative form of sustren