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A young male sloth bear.
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sloth bear (plural sloth bears)

  1. A nocturnal bear, Melursus ursinus, native to South Asia.
    • 2002, Andrew M. McDearmid, Heart of a Hunter: Big Game Hunting, page 145,
      More people in India are killed by sloth bears than by tigers.
    • 2002, Bernard Stonehouse, A Visual Introduction to Bears, page 31,
      As in other species of wild bears, sloth bears are most likely to die young, especially during the first few months after they have left their mothers.
    • 2007, Bernd Brunner, Bears: A Brief History, page 134,
      Sloth bear attacks are in no way a thing of the past. In recent years, Sri Lankan wildlife expert Shyamala Ratnayeke has surveyed close to three hundred of her countrymen who have encountered and, in some cases, been injured by sloth bears.