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smart off (third-person singular simple present smarts off, present participle smarting off, simple past and past participle smarted off)

  1. (slang, intransitive) To show disrespect verbally; to smartmouth.
    • 2002, Ken Lockette, "Surviving the Soviet Legacy, in A World of Teaching: Personal Journeys Through the World's English-Speaking Classrooms, eds. John A. Hansen, Evan M. Smith, page 44
      He despised being away from the rest of the student body and would occasionally act out in defiance by smarting off or by being uncooperative.
    • 2005, Jack Myers, Row House Days: Tales from a Southwest Philadelphia Childhood, page 264
      It's not my job to straighten out his every mess, especially since he seems to like playing the wise guy and smarting off every chance he gets.