See smooch.


smouch (plural smouches)

  1. A smutch; a stain or smudge.
    • 1866, Henry Ward Beecher, 595 Pulpit Pungencies, page 263,
      Suppose an artist, after having completed such a picture, in a moment of intoxication, goes into his studio, takes his brush, dips it into black paint, and applies it thereto. Only one smouch and the work of months is destroyed!
    • 1896, Cairns Collection of American Women Writers, Harper's new monthly magazine, Volume 93, page 618,
      [] and on her breast a baby, wet as she, smiling and cooing, but with a great crimson smouch on its tiny shoulder.
  2. (US) A loud kiss, a smooch.


smouch (third-person singular simple present smouches, present participle smouching, simple past and past participle smouched)

  1. To stain or smudge, to smutch.
  2. (US) To kiss loudly or closely.
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  3. To take dishonestly or unfairly, to steal from or cheat out of.