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Alternative formsEdit


snow +‎ machine


snowmachine (plural snowmachines)

  1. a machine that makes snow, such as a snowgun
  2. (vehicles) a snowmobile
  3. (vehicles) a vehicle that can travel through snow
  4. a machine that removes snow, such as a snowblower
  5. a machine that grooms snow on ski runs and ski trails


snowmachine (third-person singular simple present snowmachines, present participle snowmachining, simple past and past participle snowmachined)

  1. To travel by snowmachine.
    • 2011, Ned Rozell, Finding Mars, →ISBN, page 108:
      His big blue drill works, and we are headed outside, on the same day we have seen Lance Mackey eat breakfast in Nome, snowmachined seventy bumpy miles to Teller, met with the teacher in Teller, received permission to drill, found the big drill wasn't working, drilled a frost tube observatory in Teller with the smaller drill, spoke with Teller students, snowmachined a few more miles here, met with Brevig principal, got permission to drill in Brevig, and waited for Kenji's drill to heal.