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Substantivised form of the Proto-Italic adjective *swezrīnos (of the sister). The regular descendant would be *suebrīnus. The change swe- > so- occurred only before a following non-front vowel, which did not occur in this word but did in soror. Thus, the initial so- is probably by analogy.[1]


sōbrīnus m (genitive sōbrīnī); second declension

  1. maternal cousin (male)


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative sōbrīnus sōbrīnī
genitive sōbrīnī sōbrīnōrum
dative sōbrīnō sōbrīnīs
accusative sōbrīnum sōbrīnōs
ablative sōbrīnō sōbrīnīs
vocative sōbrīne sōbrīnī

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