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southerly buster (plural southerly busters)

  1. (Australia, chiefly New South Wales) A summer cold front which works its way up the coast, bringing strong cool southerly winds to replace and relieve hot conditions.
    • 1850, B. C. Peck, Recollections of Sydney, quoted in 1978, G. A. Wilkes, A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms, →ISBN,
      It is almost a corollary, that the evening of a hot-wind day brings up a ‘southerly buster’, as we have heard the vulgar call it, very chill indeed ... as this wind comes from the southerly region of the Australian Alps.
    • 1995, Journal of Meteorology, Volume 20, Issues 200-204, page 213,
      Some southerly busters have roll-clouds or lines of cumulus congestus, but these are uncommon.
    • 1997, Peter Baines, Kathy McInnes, 24. The southerly buster, Eric Kenneth Webb (editor), Windows on Meteorology: Australian Perspective, unnumbered page,
      The southerly buster is a particularly abrupt form of cold front which affects the New South Wales south coastal region, ranging from about Gabo Island to Port Macquarie.