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spider strap




From the resemblance to a spider's many legs.


spider strap (plural spider straps)

  1. A system of connected straps (for example on luggage or for equine use).
  2. (emergency medicine, chiefly in the plural) One of a ten-armed system of straps used by responders in backboard immobilization.
    • 1995, Nancy L. Caroline, Nancy L. Caroline, Emergency care in the streets, link
      "SPIDER STRAPS" provide a very quick and efficient way to secure a patient to a long backboard.
    • 2005, Dee Henderson, The Protector, link
      She secured the straps, pulling them tight to let the weight settle to her shoulder and back muscles. Fanning the spider straps of the face mask, she took a deep breath and donned it chin first, then straps at the neck, temple,
    • 2009, Sacred Trust, page 152
      “Hey,” Beverly said, looking with dismay at the spider straps that secured Frankie to the backboard. “Dr. Bower, how can I get an EKG with him strapped down?”


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