spuit elf


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Uncertain. Literally, “hose eleven”. Querido glosses it as “mud hose”, compare spuit elf geeft ook modder, but why “eleven” is linked to “mud” is unclear.

Sometimes pronounced as if it is interpreted as a compound of spuit (hose, syringe) or spuiten (to spray, to spund) and elf (eleven; elf, fae).


  • IPA(key): /spœy̯t ˈɛlf/
  • (reinterpreted pronunciation) IPA(key): /ˈspœy̯t.ɛlf/


spuit elf f (plural spuit elven, diminutive spuit elfje n)

  1. (Netherlands) a nobody who is late in commenting or catching up, often one whose comment is ignorant or irrelevant
    • 1925, Israël Querido, "Mooie Karel", in De Jordaan. Amsterdamsch epos, part 4, Scheltens & Giltay (6th ed., first ed. 1924), page 435.
      Karel wrong zich overeind en schreeuwde:
      - Louw kans, spuit Elf!.. Ik ferdom 't!... Is da kwant of nie?...

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