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Alternative formsEdit


square shooter (plural square shooters)

  1. (idiomatic) A person who is fair, trustworthy, or forthright; a person who bargains or transacts business in a fair, honest manner.
    • 1929 Jan. 7, Manning Vaughn, "Putting 'em on the pan," Milwuakee Journal, p. 5 (retrieved 3 Sep 2012):
      For years he was in a position where a bribe, the turn of a crooked deal, a "queer" fight decision might mean thousands to him. But he was ever the square shooter. The crooked finger of scandal was never pointed his way.
    • 1992 July 6, Walter Shapiro, "Spelling Out The Job Specs," Time:
      "I suppose it's because I have credibility as someone with integrity and as a square shooter."
    • 2000, Matt Braun, Kinch Riley (2007 Macmillan reprint edition), →ISBN, p. 16 (Google preview):
      He'd always been aboveboard, a square shooter from start to finish.